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In Gord We Trust

Original 12" x 12" Painting on Canvas - Time Limited Edition - based on photo by Peter Waiser


Due to dozens of requests per day, we have decided to produce another painting.  

One original painting, based on the shown digital rendering, time limited edition, on stretched canvas, measuring 12" x 12" from the Toronto stop on the Man Machine Poem tour. Painting based on a photo by Peter Waiser

Not a digital print, screen or other reproduction method, based on the shown digital image.  Hand painted acrylic on canvas, stretched on wood stretcher bars.  Unframed but still okay to hang on your wall "as is".

Ships after October.  Sales of the painting end September 30th. Ships after October.  Ten or fifty could sell, but all will be part of a numbered edition with certificate of authenticity.  See 2nd and 3rd photos to see how the prior editions are looking!

Minimum of $20 per painting will be donated to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at the Sunnybrook Foundation.

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