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Our Story

In Gord We Trust is a project led by Vancouver local and passionate Tragically Hip fans, Dorian Banks and Jeff McCormack. Originally from Ontario, in 1993, Dorian and Jeff created the original 50 Mission Cap that they turned around and sold at the Another Roadside Attraction music festival held in Markham (pictured) and later at fundraisers put on by the Band.

Our store at Another Roadside Attraction, Markham, 1993

23 years later, Dorian is a serial entrepreneur currently working in solar and agriculture and Jeff is the owner and founder of, an online distributor of blank t-shirts and other promotional apparel. Still and forever fervent fans of The Hip, when Dorian and Jeff heard about Gord Downie’s cancer diagnosis, it hit them particularly hard. Sadly, cancer is one of those things that seems to touch everyone either directly or indirectly; both Dorian and Jeff included.

Looking to find a way to support the Sunnybrook Foundation’s Gord Downie Fund for Cancer Research, Dorian and Jeff have returned with the 50 Mission Cap,  new In Gord We Trust t-shirts and caps and #courageforgord t-shirts. All proceeds from the sales will be directed to the Sunnybrook Foundation (no salaries, consulting fees, etc.).

Sunnybrook is a premier academic health sciences centre, fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, with a vision to invent the future of health care. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, is one of Canada's largest and most dynamic hospitals with over 10,000 staff, physicians and volunteers that provide the best care for critical times in the lives of the 1 million patients they see each year. Sunnybrook Foundation exists to support the advancement of our world-class health sciences centre, through active fundraising in support of research, education and equipment initiatives at Sunnybrook.

Jeff on The Hip

The Hip stirs up memories of a younger me, in my early 20’s when anything was possible - no worries and just endless opportunities. Like many others, The Hip connected with many Canadians they way they are able to artistically share unique and sometimes little known stories of our country that I love so much.

I can’t think of a more Canadian rock band. Making and selling the 50 Mission Caps at Another Roadside Attraction and having the opportunity to meet Gord numerous times over the years cemented my connection to the band.

Dorian on The Hip

I was amazed at the emotion the band was able to create in otherwise little known or even what some might consider boring Canadian facts and stories.  Jeff and I literally made friends because of The Hip's music - due to mutual enjoyment and adoration of their iconic songs.

There are many amazing Canadian recording artists, but when I think of true Canadian music - I think of The Tragically Hip.