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To date we've sent $40,000 to Sunnybrook on behalf of In Gord We Trust supporters!  We hope to more than double that!  Thank you to everyone for their support and for supporting Gord's selfless initiative.  PDF OF OUR 1st DONATION


In Gord We Trust is a project led by Vancouver local and passionate Tragically Hip fans, Dorian Banks and Jeff McCormack. Looking to find a way to support the Sunnybrook Foundation’s Gord Downie Fund for Cancer Research, Dorian and Jeff have launched the "In Gord We Trust” fundraiser.

All proceeds from the sales will be go directly to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. The money will give Sunnybrook the tools to help beat brain cancers that are currently unbeatable, by supporting the investigation of new drugs, surgical techniques and genetic therapies.  

What is Gord’s diagnosis?

Gord has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. 

What is glioblastoma?

  •  A glioblastoma is the most common and most aggressive cancerous tumour that starts in the brain.

  •  These tumours are made up of different cell types.

  •  Glioblastomas are usually highly cancerous because the cells reproduce quickly and have a large network of blood vessels supporting them.

  •  Like many brain tumour types, the exact cause of glioblastoma is not known. 

Sunnybrook is a premier academic health sciences centre, fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, with a vision to invent the future of health care. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, is one of Canada's largest and most dynamic hospitals with over 10,000 staff, physicians and volunteers that provide the best care for critical times in the lives of the 1 million patients they see each year. Sunnybrook Foundation exists to support the advancement of our world-class health sciences centre, through active fundraising in support of research, education and equipment initiatives at Sunnybrook.